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Leaders of the company visited Kondarl Group

Leaders of the company visited Kondarl Group

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On April 8, 2020, under the leadership of general manager Jason, the company's sales team went to kondarl group for a visit, and more than 20 people including President bagen and Vice President Xie Yongdong of kondarl group attended the exchange meeting.

Amos, the company's sales director, first introduced the company's main business, team and corporate culture, showing the company's business strength and technical advantages.

Jason and Kondarl's colleagues shared "how to design and build a multi-floor pig farm from design", explained the three key elements of building a multi-floor farm: reliable building, selection of environmental control, sewage discharge and reliability of material line, and introduced the EPC project contracted by the company.

In the overall design, the environmental control system is equally important. The use of advanced ventilation design, on the premise of ensuring the breathing capacity of pigs, will reduce the cost of civil engineering and equipment, and make the ventilation more uniform, which can not only save energy and environmental protection, but also improve the production efficiency.

In the context of ASF, to stabilize pig production, it is necessary to control production links, adopt long-distance centralized feeding, avoid frequent vehicle access to the pig farm, try to achieve horizontal transfer of piglets, isolate pig houses, and prevent cross infection.

In the process of communication, two sides had in-depth communication, especially in the analysis of investment proportion optimization and the overall data analysis on the site, the response was enthusiastic.


Shenzhen Kondarl (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1979, is a diversified group company integrating public utilities, real estate, modern agriculture and other industries. Its main businesses include: transportation, water supply; real estate development, property management; pig and chicken breeding; feed production and sales, etc. In November 1994, the company's shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.