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Celebration of moving to a new arehouse

Celebration of moving to a new arehouse

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Anhui HighGerman Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd  has developed rapidly since its establishment in 2016.

In just a few years, the company's business continued to increase in all aspects, the company's scale has been constantly refreshed.

With the continuous expansion of the project scale, the original warehouse has been unable to meet the company's development demand.

Based on this, the company decided to expand the warehouse area in order to manage materials and improve the efficiency of the warehousing team.

Since February of this year, our company has been actively planning the location and layout of the new warehouses.

After half a year's efforts, warehouse relocation project was officially completed.

The new warehouse is located in the south of Yijiang High-tech Zone, covering an area of more than 2500 square meters.

On August 19, the company held a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Employees were enthusiastic and energetic to participate in it.

At the relocation ceremony, the company's general manager, deputy general manager, supply chain director and other leaders cut the ribbon to congratulate,

affirmed the efforts and hardships of colleagues in the relocation process, as well as the continuous struggle in business,

expressed the hope that the company team to a higher level of desire.

Looking back on the past, we have achieved remarkable results and looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence.

The relocation of the warehouse is a new beginning, and we will turn a new page.

It is believed that the new starting point will bring us new hope. In the future,

the company will keep its original intention, develop continuously in the direction of brand, internationalization, and create more value.